Monsters are escaping the dungeons on a massive exodus never before seen. The cause remains a mystery so far.

The sheer amount of monsters roaming the land is just too much to fight off. Without intervention a massive conflict between species is imminent.

Luckily, the King came up with a peaceful solution.
The King proposed an alternative solution to the problem: Integration.
The 'Adopt-a-Mob' initiative came to be. All citizens of the Kingdom are encouraged to adopt a monster, teach them the human ways while learning theirs and try to adapt them into our society.

Not only would this solve the monster overpopulation problem but the union between monsters and humans would also prove beneficial for both.
An initial bunch of 10.000 monsters of 5 different species agreed to the initiave to prove that co-existing is possible.
You can adopt these unique creatures to help humans and monsters close the gap between species.

Help relieve the monster overpopulation issue, while the Kingdom keeps investigating the root cause of the monster dungeon exodus.
CryptoMobs is a collection of 10.000 unique animated monsters from 5 different species hosted on the Ethereum network

How can I get my CryptoMobs?

There will be a presale for whitelisted addresses on the first week for early supporters as well as active community members. After that the public mint will begin the second week after the launch.

When will mint start?

Whitelist mint: Finished

Public mint: OPEN

How much does it cost?

0.03 ETH

How can I get a whitelist spot?

Through our Discord server


CryptoMobs Launch
Project launch --> Whitelist mint --> Public mint --> Reveal
Metaverse Integration
Once all CryptoMobs are minted, the next step is Metaverse integration so owners can interact with their CryptoMobs in more exciting ways.
Crypto Game
The launch of this this collection will serve as a kickstarter to develop a crypto game.
We cant say much about it since it is still in very early stages, but we can confirm that it will be possible to use CryptoMobs to interact with the game.
Join our Discord server to get whitelisted, updates and more information about the project.